24/02-2013 A Random Night

I think it´s time that i write my first post.

It´s less than two month until I will leave for my journey.

These days my mind is working overtime.

All the time I am thinking about what things i have to save from my apartment, where I will be I one year and where I actually want to go. Family and friends mentioning that they are not really fond of me leaving, and are thinking about things that might happen on my journey.

Before I start my journey (April 22 2013), I will stay with my parents for about one month. This might make it easier for both my parents and me as we are getting closer to the day of departure.

A question I have been given about a hundred times is, “aren´t you going to miss us? and aren´t you going to be lonely when you are traveling on your own?” But am I really going to be alone? The world is waiting for me with open arms. That I don´t have a date for when I will se my family and friends again are true. But hey, I will see them again, right now I am just not sure when. But is that really so bad?

My journey is a one man travel. My heart and body are aching for fresh air. I will have time to think and about my self and the life I will live later on.

Am I alone? Or am I looking for adventure and another perspective on life?

Another question I often hear, “How much and what are you going to bring on your bike?”

And to be honest, I really don´t know, there are a lot of thing I really want to bring like gadgets and stuff, but I don´t really need it do I? Yes it would be nice and cool to bring a computer for my bike, being able to measure speed, distance, altitude, mapping and GPS location (well the GPS location are mainly for my Mom!)

But actually I will be able to do just fine having only one that can measure, distance, speed and maybe altitude.

My biggest investment now is my “house”, tent and sleeping bag. Should I buy an expensive tent and sleeping bag? Of course I will sleep in it often, but i will also rent and sleep a lot of other places.

My main priority is that the things I am bringing are light weight.

About my route. These days it´s getting more and more specific where I want to go, but not all what I want to see yet.

Nothing is certain yet, things can and will be changed and reconsidered hundreds of times along the way.

Do I really have to go into training mode, and ride my bike for hundreds and hundreds of Km every day? I find it quite satisfying that I will take one day at a time.

Having my travel to look forward to make days go by really quickly and I am looking forward to share my everyday life and experiences with all of you here on my blog.

After writing all of this for my blog, I find it kind of funny my self.

That I, always hated to read and write, now having to write and putting it out in public for everyone to see, I have to say. Didn´t see that one coming.

Om MonoBiking

I am about to start the journey of my life!! (or thats what i expect it to be!!) I am not the first, and I am not the last person to start out on a adventure like this, but no one have the same journey and the same expectations. Right now I am not ready for a everyday life. When I am traveling I feel free, full of energy and  happy. In my mind i want to travel the world on my bike (yep its a bicycle) but i don´t know how far I will get before i want to go home. So if you follow my blog there wont be a promise that i will get all the way around, but hope that i will make it..! :-) My journey will start 22. of April 2013 and will end when i get back home or when i feel that this is not fun anymore.  I am a single guy, from the year ´86 and I just want to se the world.
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2 svar til 24/02-2013 A Random Night

  1. Moon siger:

    I believe you can do it. Probably I am the only person who give you a great cheer for your journey. This travelling makes you change a lot of things and you will find out a real yourself. Way to go!!

  2. zquiet siger:

    Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same
    niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.

    You have done a wonderful job!

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