Day Three

The morning started with me waking up at around 6 am, this was a country side village and the roosters the hauling. I opened up my tent and the sun was shining. I felt the wind coming in to the tent, not much. My only thought at that moment, This will be a great day.
I changed cloth, got out of my tent. I stopped for a moment just to listen, No sound at at, no cars, no people talking no nothing.
Well this had to me a sign, back in to the tent at sleep for about an hour more. EVEN BETTER…
At seven thirty I got up, started to pack my stuff, have a bit of breakfast (All I had was a banana and a apple from yesterday) The woman from yesterday was waving to me from her window, she was yelling something, no clue but i guess she wants to wish me a good and safe journey. (Just a guess! She was smiling… 🙂 )
The sun is shining the wind is picking up a little bit but not too much, and it was in my back most of the day. A good thing two! Apparently me and biking and reading a map is not good at all, again today it ended up with a whole lot of detours.
But is okay, no need to be anywhere before i get hungry for dinner… 🙂

Again today the landscape changed all the time, even the roads. Most of times good, but a couple of time definitely to the worse.
Well here concrete slaps are used all over.. Not only on the free way, but on small farmers roads and in small cities.
You are right, this doesn’t really sound pleasant to ride on, and no. is’t small square concrete tiles all over, but hey it gets worse… 🙂
A dirt road, lots of bumps and holes even some huge rocks sticking out was part of todays obstacle cause, and now to the “what the hell” i spend money today for a map with biking roads, followed the track, even there were signing along the way.
Was even riding along the German Camino track called “Jacobs Weg”







This made me feel happy thinking back on the time I had walking along the Camino in spain “Camino De Santiago” last year. Well my smile was quickly turned upside down. The road despaired and now its just sand, I will tell you one thing, narrow tiers, a lot of weight on the back tires and sand is not a good combo. Resolving in the first crash on my journey.

Yes mom i crashed, nothing happened I am okay, but no i was not wearing my helmet… 🙂 Sorry mom!!
Got op quick and drove the last 15km of todays 95km. I wanted to find a spot like yesterday, but wasn’t possible “no camping” signs was all over the place, found a camping area, nobody in the reception, I hope i read the sign right and i have to pay 4€ for a night i will find out tomorrow. I am not far from the sea, I can hear the waves rolling in laying in my tent.

Omg I am sleepy!!
Its 8:08 Pm i want to sleep, but have to do the Danish translation.. 🙂

Om MonoBiking

I am about to start the journey of my life!! (or thats what i expect it to be!!) I am not the first, and I am not the last person to start out on a adventure like this, but no one have the same journey and the same expectations. Right now I am not ready for a everyday life. When I am traveling I feel free, full of energy and  happy. In my mind i want to travel the world on my bike (yep its a bicycle) but i don´t know how far I will get before i want to go home. So if you follow my blog there wont be a promise that i will get all the way around, but hope that i will make it..! :-) My journey will start 22. of April 2013 and will end when i get back home or when i feel that this is not fun anymore.  I am a single guy, from the year ´86 and I just want to se the world.
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2 svar til Day Three

  1. Moon siger:

    You are having a brilllllllliant jouney by bike ^-^
    I think you are a lucky guy cause whenever you have a travel you meet fantastic people (It’s true~~~~) I hope you enjoy your trip and bear in mind ” the most important thing is being safe and healthy” I am really happy to read your nice journel and looking forward to this again.

  2. Moon siger:

    That sign post makes me remind Camino in Spain. Is it Germany not Spain?

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