Day Two

Last night I sat the alarm for 8am, no surprise there. I didn’t get out of bed.
I stayed in bed until 9:30 when I had to go pay for the camping spot.
OMG it’s expensive. 11€ to sleep between threes. If I keep going like this I will be home before someone starts to miss me.
Still in coma after paying I try to pack my stuff.
Today its really cloudy, windy and cold. I put on a lot og clothing (Like my mom told me!) and are done packing tent and everything at 11 o’clock. (I know!!! how on earth can it take that guy so long.. well it did… )
Didn’t have time to find something for breakfast last night, thats my first goal today.
Some fruit, bread and the sausage I got from my mom, became my brunch for the day.
The landscape today was changing all the time, starting with swamp forrest, to regular forrest, sea shore ride along the beach, wide open grass fields some times with livestock, small abandon looking cities, driving on farmers roads (REALLY BUMPY), and finally ending op in no where called, Tribsees.

Driving the around the small city, placed on top of a hill. I find a Lidl to do the shopping for dinner, todays special will be pasta with tomato sauce. WUHUU.

Driving in the Tribsees, i saw a little green spot where I might be able to sleep for the night.
I find the spot, pop up my tent, and suddenly a lady are standing right next to me.
She speaks to me in German. “I assume you will sleep here for the night! I have made you some mint tee. If you need water or any thing I live right there!!” she’s pointing at a old house about 50 meters from my tent.

IMG_4829 IMG_2306 IMG_4818

The tee tastes fantastic and warms my body quickly, and thatsgood because it really windy and I have to shower outside using only about one liter of water and a washing fabric napkin. Its over quick and et feels good to be clean and smell like it too..A Small stream are right next to my tent, maybe i can catch a small fish, using my broken school german I ask the lady from before if its safe to eat the fish, she knots. And the game is on.Well no luck, and dinner will be pasta with tomatoes, a little sup, and some more tee.After dinner the lady comes back again, this time with her two dogs, she ask to my well being, how on earth I came here by bike from Denmark, and how I found it.
she’s really kind and offers me to sleep inside, but I chose to sleep in my tent for the night, The wind are almost gone, and the sun is now shining, This feels great.I want to hit the bed early today.

Om MonoBiking

I am about to start the journey of my life!! (or thats what i expect it to be!!) I am not the first, and I am not the last person to start out on a adventure like this, but no one have the same journey and the same expectations. Right now I am not ready for a everyday life. When I am traveling I feel free, full of energy and  happy. In my mind i want to travel the world on my bike (yep its a bicycle) but i don´t know how far I will get before i want to go home. So if you follow my blog there wont be a promise that i will get all the way around, but hope that i will make it..! :-) My journey will start 22. of April 2013 and will end when i get back home or when i feel that this is not fun anymore.  I am a single guy, from the year ´86 and I just want to se the world.
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