Getting back in the game!!!

As you might know I had to go back to Denmark because of a dental problem.. ..
I am way behind on my blog but I will try and catch up… I promise… 🙂

It is all fixed now though, my tooth that is!, but travelling to Denmark so soon after leaving was bit of a challenge.
To be honest, travelling back wasn’t the kind of option I would have hoped for but the cheapest and best way.

On the flight back to Denmark, a million thoughts ran through my head! It kind of felt like a personal let down, the fact that a stupid tooth was the thing that got in the way of my travels…! Didn’t see that one coming.

However, seeing friends, family and people who know me from newspaper articles felt great, I am a people’s person and love to be around friends and familiar faces.

But the hard thing being back home was waiting for friends and family to get off work etc. And being home while everyone was still working made me think. Am I completely out of mind and is cycling around the world  the right thing to do.? Friends are buying houses, they are getting closer to having kids, all that kind of kind of stuff.
Am I missing out?

Always making the right choice is what a lot of people my age are doing. FUCK this I will get over the sad thoughts and I will just enjoy meeting my friends and family.

During the day I had all the time in the world, at 4pm every day is when things got busy.
Friends got home from work, time to catch up.
In the three weeks I spent in Denmark I managed to do all the stuff you have to do for it to be a real summer! BBQ’ing with friends and family, going to the beach, surprising some kids with watersballons and even though their parents didn’t love the idea they got involved in the fight. (Sorry Nicky!!!!!), complaining about the heat even though the heat in Denmark is nothing compared to the heat in Bosnia (42 degrees)!
Staying up late, watching the sunset from the balcony of my parents’ house, talking with the neighbors standing on my toes looking on to their balcony interrupting their quiet evening.

I spent a week in Copenhagen meeting up with friends and family. I love just jumping on the bike, riding around the city, getting around faster than regular traffic. Back home in my parents’ town, jumping on the bike. Going to the lake, riding along the small stream, riding in the countryside. When I left Denmark in April, the fields around me had just started to become green, now the fields are almost fully grown and are bright yellow, the wind makes the fields move like an ocean and the smell of it really is the smell of summer in Denmark.

The hills here that sometimes felt like mountains , are now just small bumps….

Wednesday morning is the day of my departure – I am going back to my adventure! At 3:30am my bag is packed.  A warm shower –  I enjoy the last comforts of home. In the shower I hear my mom waking up, and my dad snoring. This time leaving is really different than the first time, I am not quite in the travelling spirit but it will come….

There are not many cars  on the road and the sun is on its way up..I know sunrises and sunsets are beautiful all over the world, but still they are different and because of the flat surface here in Denmark you see the sun all the way down and watch the sky change color. And on that morning the sunrise is especially beautiful.

Walking around the busy airport area, getting through security, and just waiting for the flight to get ready for take off. Looking out, it feels like one million years have passed from the time I left home until I am sitting in a huge airplane with even less room for my legs.

Two and a half hours of sleep on the plane (Had three seats all to myself…!) Getting out in 30 degrees at 9:30 in the morning feels like getting a huge fist right in the face. At this point I am still not feeling the traveller kicking in, sitting in another small car,  arriving the hostel 30 minutes later, just feel like sleeping. I end up doing nothing much for the rest of the day.

The next day feels the same way, one hour takes the next doing nothing.
At 5pm all hell breaks loose though, 35 Chinese people have moved into the hostel and run around, taking pictures, bringing all kinds of bags and cardboard boxes…
They know that they will have to cook for a lot every day and have brought their own cooking equipment, all from pots and pans, to kettles and knives-  all brand new.
Two hours later they have all had dinner, cleaned and are headed for the old town of Dubrovnik.

I am back….

Om MonoBiking

I am about to start the journey of my life!! (or thats what i expect it to be!!) I am not the first, and I am not the last person to start out on a adventure like this, but no one have the same journey and the same expectations. Right now I am not ready for a everyday life. When I am traveling I feel free, full of energy and  happy. In my mind i want to travel the world on my bike (yep its a bicycle) but i don´t know how far I will get before i want to go home. So if you follow my blog there wont be a promise that i will get all the way around, but hope that i will make it..! :-) My journey will start 22. of April 2013 and will end when i get back home or when i feel that this is not fun anymore.  I am a single guy, from the year ´86 and I just want to se the world.
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