About Me

Hi my name is Simon Kaare Jochumsen

I am about to start the journey of my life!! (or thats what i expect it to be!!)
I am not the first, and I am not the last person to start out on a adventure like this, but no one have the same journey and the same expectations.

Right now I am not ready for a everyday life. When I am traveling I feel free, full of energy and  happy. In my mind I want to travel the world on my bike (yep it´s a bicycle) but I don´t know how far I will get before I want to go home. So if you follow my blog there won´t be a promise that I will get all the way around, but hope that I will make it..! 🙂

My journey will start 22 of April 2013 and will end when I get back home or when I feel that this is not fun anymore.

I am a single guy, from the year ´86 and I just want to see the world.

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